5 Hot Photo Tips For A Bride To Be

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There are some little pearls of wisdom that I wish we had known at our own wedding. Over the 16 years we have been shooting weddings I have seen and often prevented minor disasters by simply identifying them and offering tips to the couple in advance or sometimes even on the day to keep the show running smoothly.

Here are 5 of the most valuable points on getting the most from your special day:

1. Interview Three Photographers

Meet with at least three different photographers and select whom you like and are comfortable with rather than the “cheapest” or “the best deal”. You will want to love your images long after you have forgotten what the investment was.

Once you have decided, meet with your photographer early and (if possible) a few times before the big day so that you can be comfortable on the day that your photos will reflect more about who you really are as a couple.

Try to be as candid and truthful as possible in your conversations with them to provide enough of an insight into the real you. If you are not into the lovey-dovey romance thing or the fun, crazy photos, tell your photographer up front. This should allow them to select posing strategies and activities that won’t make you uncomfortable on the day, which of course will show every time you look at the finished images.

2. Conduct A Trial Run

Conduct a trial run at putting the wedding dress on with those people who will eventually assist you on the day for real. Have someone time the whole process so you don’t run short on time and lose valuable photography time (that you have paid for) simply because you “didn’t think it would take that long to lace up, get the hoops right, set the veil etc…”

3. Go With The Flow

Try not to pre-empt what the photographer is doing and try to “help” them, instead just go with the flow on the day. There is nothing worse for a photographer to have a beautiful, natural, candid side profile shot lined up of the children marvelling at the flowers or the busy goings on (without them knowing), only to have someone else say “Ooh, look at the camera kids… now smile!” …magic moment ruined.

4. Drink Water

Drink water. In fact drink plenty of water the day before and especially the day of the wedding to remain hydrated. Sure, enjoy the bubbly and other niceties of the day, but you don’t want to get to the start of the reception and have a dehydration headache brewing to spoil your fantastic night.

5. Enjoy The Day

Savour as much of this special time as you can, as you’ll only get one chance at it (hopefully). Don’t stress about the little things that may go wrong (and often do). Try to rise above or simply gloss over them and laugh at them with your friends and loved ones.

Congratulations on your special day, enjoy it for the magic and enchanting time it will be if you put the time and thought into preparing it in the lead up.

Article written by Helen & Mitch Bruger who are a Fun, Classic, Spontaneous Photography Husband & Wife Team. We tailor packages to suit your budget to include coverage of the day and reception if required. We provide all photos copyright free, in high resolution on DVD. Our Commitment to You:  To understand your needs, provide solutions and exceed your expectations. We believe that our quality, creativity, and friendly relaxed personal service is just what most couples are looking for.

photo source: awps.org

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