Flourishing Favours – The Interview

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1. Tell us about your role at Flourish Bomboniere?

We (myself and my husband) developed Flourish Bomboniere as the first plant bomboniere company within Australia. We are proud of the way our business was created and how it has developed over the past 5 years. Our business first commenced as a result of our own wedding, and us wanting to create an everlasting gift for our guests. My husband Tim is a professional horticulturalist and I had a flair for creativity. I wanted something unique, special and everlasting, not something that will gather dust and be thrown away. With this in mind we created plant bombonieres for our wedding. We had such an astonishing response from our guests that we decided to go into business for ourselves. With my husband’s expertise in nurturing and caring for plants, and my weddings and events, hospitality and business background we thought it was a match made in heaven.

My role is very hands on; from picking the plants from our growers, to decorating, choosing the ribbons, liaising with clients, designing labels, colour themes, inspiration boards and setting up the bomboniere for the client’s wedding.

I have so much passion and love for all things nature, being creative and a love for weddings that I want to share this with my clients.

2. How did you fall in love with bridal favours?

To be honest I found it really hard finding unique favours for my wedding and I wanted that ‘WOW’ factor. I found the chocolates and candles to be quite average and plain. Hence, the reason why we decided to create the plant bomboniere for ourselves. I was so excited about the plant bomboniere for our wedding that I now share this excitement with my clients. Brides cannot wait to give their guests our Flourish Bombonieres. They can be customised to suit your wedding theme, colours and designs. We can match place cards, bridesmaid’s dresses and incorporate logos. Popular themes for our plants include eco friendly weddings, vintage, glamour, rustic, winery and garden themed weddings.

3. What does your company offer?

Flourish Bomboniere is a natural and colourful way to enrich the celebration of your wedding day. We offer gorgeous plant bombonieres that are inspired by their own beauty and the environment.

We design and decorate a plant creation to suit our brides theme, whether it be a vintage theme with hessian wrapping and ivory ribbons, to a bright metallic purple creation which may co-ordinate with the bridesmaids dresses.

Our plant creations are delivered to NSW, VIC, SA and QLD weddings every week. With horticulture and events experience our company will ensure your creation matches your style, theme and inspirations.

4. Could you describe one of the most memorable favours you’ve ever seen and why it was so special?

I must comment on the gorgeous wedding of Katey and Scott that was held in Stanwell Tops at the Tumbling Waters Retreat. Katey was inspired by the plantings and made them the theme for her day. From first seeing our plant creations her ideas and inspiration for her wedding flourished. She attached the plants to chairs for the ceremony; then decorated her venue together with the plants using rustic, vintage style props like suitcases, organic features and vintage jars. The photos from this wedding encapsulate so much love and creativity. This is exactly why I went into business; I love seeing brides enrich their day with love and beauty of all things natural.

5. Are there any fun or beautiful bridal trends that you’ve noticed couples are embracing when selecting their favours?

Bride’s these days have themes for their weddings; such as vintage, rustic, organic, eco-friendly, winery weddings and even garden/green weddings.

Our bomboniere’s seem to fit all these themes and can be incorporated using flair in creativity.

Also with the growing awareness of climate change, Flourish Bomboniere has become such a wonderful environmentally friendly green gift; there is nothing else like this available!

Brides want to be creative and do different things. With the vintage and rustic themes in trend at the moment; brides encapsulate the plant creations around this theme. Bird cages, love hearts, antique chairs, old bottles, light globes, candelabras, suitcases, books, candles just to name a few!

Liz Young has been working in the hospitality and events industry for 15 years. Having started her career studying hospitality and working for the large hotel chain Travelodge Hotels; Liz worked her way up the ladder to Sales and Marketing Management. The experience in Sales and Marketing gave her the passion for hospitality, events and service which then helped to develop her skills in business. From here Liz used her experience to begin Training and Development working with a private training college teaching hospitality, business and retail management. From here she studied Human Resources and became Training Manager of the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre- the Centre of Events within Australia. The idea for Flourish came from her own wedding, where her and her husband (coming from a horticulture background) wanted something unique and special for their guests. The gifts were such a success and with no other business out there like Flourish they started the business from home. Now Liz and her husband Tim run the successful business full-time! “With the growing awareness of climate change Flourish Bomboniere has become such a wonderful environmentally friendly green gift, there is nothing else like this available” says Liz.