It’s Starting To Rain – Rain Cards

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It’s starting to rain, with a drip and a drop and a splish and a splosh, over and over again…

These are not the words you want to hear on your wedding day, especially if you have an outdoor ceremony planned. Unfortunately, unlike lots of other elements in a wedding, we can’t control the weather.

But don’t fear, there are lots of great things about rainy days. In some cultures rain is good luck, and can represent cleansing or stronger unity in the marriage. It comes from the idea that a wet knot is harder to untie, since marriage is often referred to as tying the knot. Plus, often the photo’s turn out so much better because of the overcast, moody light.

Rain Cards

So, what do you do about the sudden change of plans? At Papertales we have started adding a Rain Card to invitation suites for all our outdoor weddings. It’s such a simple but effective way of communicating with your guests.

The idea is to give your guests one number/person to call if they are uncertain if the wedding is happening outdoors, or if it has been moved to another location. It can be as simple as a friend recording a message on their phone giving the new wedding details or letting callers know that a decision will be made by a certain time and to call back then.

It takes the pressure off the Bride and Groom to contact all their guests and gives them a bit more time to see if the rain will clear.

Now that’s taking care of all the details.

Article written by Mandy Eggins of Papertales that is the beautiful offering of two creative girls, Mandy & Ange who have a passion for beautiful paper delights. Both with backgrounds in Design, Marketing and Events, Mandy & Ange have come together to create beautiful inspired designs that  will ‘knock the socks off’ your guests.

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