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A Hen, A Buck & A Kitchen Tea!

Bucks & Hen’s Night

The hen & buck parties are all about celebrating the final days of being single. It’s all about having fun with your closest friends with the full permission to get a bit crazy and spontaneous. There are plenty of things you can do. It’s really up to your imagination. These events are normally planned and organized by the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and it’s important that you plan something where all members of the celebration will have a good time and feel comfortable.

It’s all about the bride to be and groom being the centre of attention, and perhaps the target of a little harmless embarrassment, but the organizers of these events should be clear on where you both draw the line.

Consider holding these events several weeks prior to the big day to help ensure everyone looks and feels their best on the wedding day.

Find a professional Buck’s & Hen’s night specialist in your area that can assist you in making your party the hens/bucks of the year!

The Rehearsal Dinner

Something that isn’t always done anymore, but traditionally after the ceremony rehearsal has been held, the groom’s parents host a dinner. This can provide a great way to introduce close family and members to your wedding entourage, and to relax before the big day.

Keep in mind though, that it is the night before your big day – so if you excuse yourself early to get an early night or to have a quiet night in is totally acceptable. You may like to light some candles, listen to some soft music and have a nice long bath.

The Bridal Shower, Kitchen Teas or Lingerie Party

Traditionally the bridal shower and kitchen tea was a celebration that allowed the female guests to assist the bride in setting up her new home – or more specifically her kitchen. But today lingerie parties are becoming more and more popular as brides are already moving out of their parent’s home prior to getting married.

While to some extent hen’s and buck’s parties are now being celebrated in place of the bridal showers, these event can prove a wonderful means of including older friends and family in the pre wedding day celebrations. It’s also a great time for the bride to enjoy the wedding preparations and the season leading up to the big day!

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