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Budgeting & Delegating

Having a budget can help the whole planning process of the wedding make more sense. Although money has little to do with love, weddings can prove expensive occasions, so it’s really important to determine how much money you will have to work with.

These days anything goes when it comes to funding a wedding, from the bride and groom funding the entire event themselves, to the parents assisting with the expenses, and right through to your guests paying for their own meals at the reception.

Regardless of how much money you have, a well planned, well organised budget may help you make the most of any financial situation. You can still have an amazing and perfect day whatever your budget is.

How to Start Your Budget

Make a list of all the services and things you would like for the wedding. Allocate a researched cost next to each item. Keep your costs realistic, allow a little extra money for emergencies and last-minute contingencies and, once you’ve determined your budget, stick to it.

Regardless of how much or how little money you’ve got to spend on your wedding, a budget spreadsheet should help you to keep track of your budgeted allocation, paid deposits and outstanding costs. You might want to develop your own or use our Booking and Budget Checklist to help keep track of all your expenses.

If you feel that you’re going to be over your allocated funds you may need to eliminate items that may not be a high priority. By listing your lowest priorities in ascending order, allocating less money to items where you discover savings can be made, and compromising on one expense to allow more for another. For example, you might decide to save money by making your own invitations, or choosing a smaller wedding cake to allow more for your floral bouquet, or opting to reduce the number of guests at the reception so that you can afford the venue you really want.

Delegation Is A Bride’s Best Friend

So you’ve made your budget checklist and you now have a fair idea of the things you need to budget for and organize. But don’t be overwhelmed by the preparations that lie ahead. You most likely have plenty of willing helping hands from family and friends that want to be involved in your wedding preparations. And remember, once the bookings have been organized you’ll have a range of professional services at your disposal to whom you can outsource whatever tasks you need to.

The Professionals

There are thousands of businesses today that can provide you with professional wedding services that can assist you with almost every aspect of your wedding preparations. This can be from printing the invitations to arranging quotes and bookings, as well as decorating the venue for the reception.

A wedding planner, coordinator or consultant can almost act as a couple’s personal assistant, taking care of as many, or as few, preparations as you deem necessary. In addition, the wedding planner may also have a network of regular suppliers at their disposal, through which some cost savings can be made.

Professional caterers, cake decorators, venue decorators, dressmakers, wedding dress boutiques, car hire & drivers, florists, hair stylists, makeup artists, celebrant, musicians, photographers, printers, stationery makers or suppliers, travel agents, videographers can be employed to assist with preparations and contribute to your day’s requirements.

Depending on where you are marrying, venues and suppliers may all be booked months or even years in advance, so it’s important to start making bookings as soon as you have a date confirmed.

Ask service providers or recently married couples for their advice on how soon they advise that bookings need to be made in the area you are marrying. Your wedding may seem a long way a way, but the time will pass quickly, so avoid the temptation to procrastinate. 

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