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Capturing Your Day

Photos & Your Photographer

It’s the day of the wedding, your gown is glamorous, your hair is done and your makeup is flawless. Your groom has also spent time getting ready, and when the time comes to be standing together at the altar you both have never looked better.

There will be many people on the day taking photos to remember the day. Everyone from your aunt to your mother in law’s cousin will be taking photos on the day, preserving memories. Their snaps will assist in the recording of the day’s significant moments, documenting who was there and any other picture
perfect moments throughout the day.

Choosing a professional photographer

Today hiring a professional photographer is all a part of the special day. When hiring a wedding photographer you are really commissioning an artist to capture the magic of your day. Photographic styles can vary from photographer to photographer, so make sure that when you’re looking for your photographer that you seek out one who is capable of catering to your personal taste.

Make sure you seek out a photographer well in advance so that you don’t get disappointed.

Here is some advice when choosing your wedding photographer:

  • Look for someone both you and your fiancé feel comfortable with, and feel confident to give direction where required
  • View their portfolio to see the specific style they create.
  • It’s always a good idea to go and look around for photos that you like the look and feel of and present them to your photographer so that they have a good idea of the type of finished product you’re expecting.
  • Some photographers also offer videography as a service as well, or they can refer you to a reputable company. If they work together as a team, they may provide packages for the two services at a reduced rate. It’s worth asking.

Once you’ve decided on your photographer, secure your booking and ask for written confirmation of the package, the time and date when the photographer will arrive, and any other specifics that you’ve agreed upon.


Your wedding day is seen through your eyes with your emotions – but by having the day on film you’re able to see the whole day from a different perspective. You can experience the expectation of your guests and the pride in your parent’s eyes. You’ll be able to experience the anticipation of your groom in the moment before you arrive.

You can always asked a technologically savvy friend, who may have a video camera, to record these special moments, but you may like to consider hiring experts who know what to look for and have the experience, good quality equipment and the expertise to produce an end product you’ll be proud to show off in the years to come.

Choosing your videographer

Like your photographer you choose, you need to hire a videographer who has an artistic eye, and someone you both feel comfortable with. Someone talented and professional, who will capture the moments you miss and who will record them in style to create a priceless memory of the day.

  • Ask for details in writing of what different packages they offer
  • Confirm what equipment they’ll be using and ask what format the finished product will be presented in.
  • Different videographers have different styles, so keep this in mind when making your choice.
  • Ask whether the videographers work in a team or alone. Ask the, as to how many cameras will be used on the day.

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