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Do You Have An Article That Will Assist Brides With Their Wedding Planning?

What Should I Write?
We are requiring articles that are informative and that will help brides when planning their wedding. Eg. 5 Tips in Hiring A Professional Wedding Photographer. Please understand this is not an area where you write a promotion or advertisement for your business. However, at the bottom of your article you are more then welcome to include your name, a short business and services bio and your website link. We do not want an article that just promotes your product and service. (Eg. Hire me because...) That is not the reason for our blog, and if you submit something like this it will be deleted.

What Type Articles Will Be Approved & Published?
We only accept professional, well written, well edited articles that have been written by a human being. If you are submitting an article that has been automatically generated from a 'machine' it will most likely NOT be approved. We want quality not quantity.

  • For an example of a well written article that will be published click here
  • For an example of a blog article that won't be published click here

When Will I Be Published If Approved?
Understand your article (if approved) may not be posted immediately, but if it is approved but we will endeavour to get back to you so you can share your article with your collegues, clients and friends. We will also share it with our brides and our social media sites. If your article hasn't be written following our instructions it won't be published and you won't be notified.


WARNING: Articles that have nothing to do with weddings - be warned - you will be trashed and the companies you represent will be contacted. So our advice is that you don't even waste your time submitting an article unless it is of a subject matter directly related to the wedding industry. Thank you.




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All articles submitted are not assured of publication. All articles published are at the discretion of the chief editor. No communication will be entered into about any submitted articles. If and when an article is published the author will be notified. Please do not follow up any article submissions with communication as to its status as the editor will not respond due to the volume of enquiries received.

Once you've clicked submit. Scroll down the page to check that it has been submitted successfully.