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The Ceremony

The ceremony is that magical moment where you make your marriage vows to one another in front of your family and friends. The formality of your ceremony can vary from very formal to a more casual event, and are generally either religious or civil in nature. However, although the formality is a personal choice, there are laws and regulations when it comes to getting married. A marriage celebrant will be able to guide you with the appropriate rules that need to be abided by during the ceremony.


Your wedding ceremony venue is a personal choice which you can decide on, depending on your traditions or your personality. You could get married on the beach, in a church, a wedding chapel, a botanical garden, a function centre, a restaurant or holiday spot, or even a family member’s private home… the list is endless. Below is some important information you should consider when finding the perfect wedding ceremony location:

  • If you’re thinking of getting married in a public place (eg. Beach) you will need to get permission from the right organization (eg.your local council) before you make any definite plans.
  • You will need to consider the locations size
  • What is the proximity to the reception venue, and is it easily accessible by all your guests

Celebrant, Pastor or Priest

The person who you choose to marry you will bring their own personality to the occasion, so it’s important that they reflect your own personal beliefs and that you feel comfortable with them.

Your marriage celebrant will direct your company on the day and also guide you and your fiancé through the paperwork and procedures that will make your marriage legal. You’ll want to make sure that the person marrying you is registered, and perhaps religiously entitled to officiate marriage vows.

Before making your booking with your celebrant discuss with them the style of ceremony that you and your fiancé have in mind, and mention any personal elements you wish to incorporate in the ceremony (eg. Hymn, reading, sand ceremony, candle lighting ceremony). A well informed celebrant will be able to advise you with ideas and assist you in selecting your vows, readings, music and gestures that will make your ceremony individual to you.

If you can arrange to hold a rehearsal prior at your ceremony venue prior to your wedding day it will give you peace of mind.

  • You’ll probably won’t want to practise it word for word, but the general run through of the ceremony will make sure participants know where to stand, cues, entrances and exits and also just to set the nerves at ease.
  • If you or others are walking down an aisle, you may need to pay particular attention to timing
  • Where children are involved you may need to take the time to carefully explain and practise with them what they are to do on the day. They’ll be less likely to panic on the day
  • After the rehearsal dinner you may gather for the rehearsal dinner  Download Marriage Act 1961

Music & Entertainment

Your choice of music and entertainment can also assist in personalizing your marriage ceremony by enriching the atmosphere. Music can be used to express your personality, and songs can also hold meaning for you and your fiancé. Depending on your venue, ceremony style and budget will determine what you plan to do, but you can consider anything from a recorded song, string quartet, wedding singer, harpist or band.

When is the music played? Here is a suggestion:

  • Prior to the ceremony, as the guests are arriving and taking their seats
  • The entrance/ processional as the bride and bridesmaid make their entrance
  • Throughout out the ceremony – may include a hymn or worship song.
  • Singing of the register
  • Recessional – departure of the bride and groom
  • The departure of your guests

For musicians in your region please click here

Are You Prepared For The Weather?

The weather can be an unpredictable thing. So you need to make sure that you’re prepared for the worst. If you’re getting married out of doors you may need to make sure there is a wet weather option and that you have a plan. There is nothing worse than getting dressed up in your finest clothes only to be unprepared.

After The Ceremony

This is a time during the day that shouldn’t overlooked. You need to think about what’s going to happen between the ceremony and the reception. Here are some things you may like to consider:

  • Where and how do your guests exit, and who will direct them?
  • Where can they gather, to greet you and your groom immediately after the ceremony?
  • Will you be taking a group photo?

Are you providing food and beverages for your guests - if so you may wish to continue hiring your musicians to provide guest entertainment and to keep the atmosphere there.

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