Most couples decide during their planning process that they take dance lessons for their wedding dance, but there are also many who want to find out more about it as a part of their decision making process. The interesting thing is that nearly all couples, whether they want to have dancing lessons or not, have […]

Will You Have Long-Distance Guests?

Most couples choose to get married in their home town. This makes the most sense economically, and they might also be restricted by the choice of venue, or legal requirements. However, this choice may mean that some guests have to travel long-distances in order to attend the ceremony. Parents might have to travel from one […]

Unplugged Weddings

The modern wedding ceremony is unlike that of any previous generation, with more and more guests being connected to the outside world through phones and tablets throughout the ceremony. In fact, the majority of guests at a modern wedding are going to use those devices to record videos and take photographs of the big day, […]

Children at the Reception?

The question of whether or not to have children at the reception can be a difficult one for most couples to answer. In the modern age, the couple might have children themselves, in which case the question is even more vexed – you want your children to have a part in your wedding celebrations, but […]

Planning a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party?

For most happy couples, the last night of ‘freedom’ before the wedding ceremony is often marked by a big party. Bachelor parties have been a standard of Western culture for many years, and more and more brides are joining in with their own version, known as the bachelorette or ‘hens’ party. These can be wild […]

Hire a DJ Just for the Music

During a wedding reception, the music can be a significant element in creating a pleasant atmosphere and ensuring that everyone has a good time. The playing of music, selecting it, ensuring that it appears at the right time and doesn’t interrupt the speeches, and lasts until the final dance of the night, all need to […]

A Great Give-away for Your Guests

Wedding give-aways can be both a blessing and a curse. The bride and groom often spend hours worrying about what exactly they can give to their guests as wedding presents, and the guests often spend just as much time worrying about whether they are going to get a useless present which will soon end up […]