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Combination GiftWedding give-aways can be both a blessing and a curse. The bride and groom often spend hours worrying about what exactly they can give to their guests as wedding presents, and the guests often spend just as much time worrying about whether they are going to get a useless present which will soon end up in the dustbin. In the past, it used to be traditional to give away a small, disposable gift such as a decoration, and a piece of wedding cake, and that was all the guests expected. Modern weddings, however, carry with them a burden of expectation that can sometimes mean that the happy couple have to really shop around before they get all that they need. They can often end up with something which doesn’t suit anyone, simply because they were trying to keep everyone happy. In order to find out exactly what you should give your guests, think about some basic ideas which are still very useful:

Edible gifts are perhaps one of the best ways to thank your guests for attending your wedding without handing them some useless object which will only gather dust. There are several ways to achieve edible gift perfection, including making cookies or brownies, buying bottled gifts such as herbs, sauces or seasonings, making the traditional sweets, or even buying bottles of beer or wine for the guests to take home. These giveaways can be used by your guests and won’t take up space in their home.

Useful gifts are another excellent idea,  and can really help a bride and groom to give presents that are wanted. Useful gifts can range from things which are used in the home, such as kitchen utensils, salt and pepper pots, whisks with heart shapes on them, bottle openers, or pizza cutters. They can also include gifts for women such as compacts or makeup accessories, with gifts for men such as aftershave, screwdriver sets, or similar. These can be very useful tools, and can be something which will remind your guests of the wedding without becoming dirty or damaged. You need to make sure that you are giving your guests things that they might like, so perhaps a keen gardener could get a set of digging tools, while someone who enjoys needlework might get a set of needles, pins or cottons.

Another good way to provide a gift which will be useful, but also very reminiscent of your wedding is to purchase a set of small items, such as spoons, bookmarks or glasses, which will be engraved with your names and the date of the wedding. They can be used, but they will also remind guests of the happy occasion, so you can thank them and provide a lasting memory at the same time. These gifts will be slightly more expensive than the basic edible or practical types, but they are always a firm favourite for wedding guests, as they allow a more obvious memento of the big day.


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