A Great Honeymoon Idea

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honeymoon-destinations-maldivesAfter the wedding traditionally comes the honeymoon, a holiday for the bride and groom when they get to relax and enjoy the feeling of being newly-weds. For most couples, saving up for the honeymoon can be as much of a chore as saving for the wedding itself, and many couples these days are having to settle for one or two days in a local hotel, rather than being able to jet overseas or really enjoy themselves. However, there is one way to get a good honeymoon for less without having to cover the entire expense yourself, and that is by having your guests contribute to a ‘honeymoon fund’ rather than buying you gifts.

This can seem like a very unconventional idea, and most couples will be shocked at the idea at first. However, there is a good reason why they should consider it, that reason being that, rather than facing a ton of cutlery and pottery that they don’t need, the bride and groom can instead enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, and create a lifetime’s worth of memories. They can enjoy themselves on a great holiday, and the guests will know that they have provided something important.

In the past, wedding gifts were given to ensure that the bride and groom had everything they needed to make a start in life together. This would be the first time that they had lived in the same house, and so they would need household items which the guests provided for them. However, the modern couple have usually been living together for at least 2 years before they are married, and so they will have all the items they need. In this case, the traditional wedding gifts of china, baking sets and roasting tins are just not wanted.

The bride and groom can decide that, rather than asking guests to buy items which they don’t really want, they would prefer contributions to their honeymoon. Some travel agents even provide a gift registry which allows money to be donated, but the couple can do this themselves by simply opening up a fund. The latter also means that any extra money can be used for cash while they are away, so they don’t have to worry about that expense, either. With the donated money, they can choose to visit any part of the world, and spend as long as they can celebrating their marriage.

Guests might be surprised at first when the couple ask them to contribute to the honeymoon, rather than buying wedding gifts, but most will soon come to understand why they have been asked to do this, and how it can help both parties. The bride and groom get a splendid holiday, and the guests get to feel as though they have made a real contribution to the couple, rather than giving them items that are not really needed. In this way, everyone can benefit from the decision to abandon the gift registry, and instead start collecting for a holiday.

photo source: thinkstock.com