Hire a DJ Just for the Music

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DJs & MusicDuring a wedding reception, the music can be a significant element in creating a pleasant atmosphere and ensuring that everyone has a good time. The playing of music, selecting it, ensuring that it appears at the right time and doesn’t interrupt the speeches, and lasts until the final dance of the night, all need to be in the hands of a working professional, and most couples choose to hire a DJ in order to make sure that everything goes as intended. For the most part, this is a sensible decision, and one that will contribute to the success of the night, but there are factors which can affect how your disk jockey views their role.

The fact is that most DJs earn a living, not by playing music, but by the many other roles which they take on in order to ensure that their music is at its best. This can range from choosing the lighting around the room to directing the order of events. A very experienced DJ will become something similar to a master of ceremonies, but all of these skills can also make the cost of hiring the disk jockey that much more expensive. If you intend to hire the DJ just for the music, then you will need to take on some of the other roles yourself.

Disk jockeys will usually work with couples to select the music, and arranging mixing of songs. They might be able to supply couples with songs that have a particular meaning, but they might also be unwilling to extend their range beyond a few traditional songs which they are familiar with. In order to ensure that the couple don’t spend too much money in having someone source songs and mix them, the bride and groom need to take the initiative, and record the songs onto a CD or cassette. This can be handed to the DJ when they are given the job of playing at the wedding.

Another area where DJs are often heavily involved is in creating interest in the songs. The bride and groom will have the first dance, of course, but after that it is often a matter of encouraging guests to take to the floor. The DJ will often have a hand in this, creating fun and ensuring that nothing negative occurs during the reception. However, if the bride and groom are only interested in employing the DJ for the music, then they will need to motivate their guests. This can be done in a number of ways, including arranging competitions for the best dancer (and the worst!), and having group dances.

In order to take control of your own wedding reception, you will have to make sure that you are hiring the DJ on theri music-playing ability, rather than their other skills. Careful interviews before employing the DJ will make this issue clearer,  and the bride and groom should be able to find their ideal DJ by making sure that the person employed knows exactly what they are expected to do.

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