How To Choose The Best Bridal Wedding Flowers

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How do you choose the best bridal wedding flowers?

Well finding the best bouquet for the bridal party can be a daunting task, especially for people who are unfamiliar with flowers and different styles.

For those who are unaware, when choosing the best bridal wedding flowers, there are three basic types of bouquet styles to choose from.

Those three types are:

  1. The round or posy
  2. The cascade
  3. And the hand-tied wedding bouquet.

The Round/Posy

The round bouquet is round in shape, has less greenery, but contains more flowers. These flowers can be all one type or multiple different types of flowers; however the flowers should all be balanced, complimentary or contrasting.

The Cascade
The cascade bridal flowers are shaped like a waterfall; there are more flowers on the top, and there are flowers flowing downwards.  This popular style is mixed with some greenery to in order to obtain a natural appearance.

The hand-tied wedding bouquet is a more casual, less traditional look that is quickly becoming more and more popular. This bouquet is a simple bouquet of flowers that are tied together with a ribbon, allowing the stems to be seen.

Here are some examples in order of the list above:

Now that you are aware of the different types of bouquets, you may be wondering how to choose the best bridal wedding flowers and bouquets.

Three factors should be taken into consideration when choosing.

  1. Your body size
  2. Your wedding gown style
  3. And the look that you want to portray.

If you want to have a slim appearance on your wedding day, choosing a cascade bouquet that is round at the top and the pointy at the bottom will help give a slimming effect.

If you are a tall person, consider a cascade bouquet or a hand-tied bouquet. However, tall brides should never choose a round bouquet as it will give a taller appearance.

Brides who consider themselves to have large or wide hips should also avoid the round bouquet; as these types of flowers in this particular type of arrangement will enhance your hips. Consider choosing a cascade or hand-tied bouquet instead.

For brides who would like a casual look or a natural, organic look to their wedding, the hand-tied wedding bouquet is the only one out of these three types that will offer you the desired look. The flowers on the hand-tied bouquet give the desired effect, and will look as though the bride has handpicked her gorgeous flowers herself from a nearby garden. This type of bouquet will also give a soft, fantasy effect as well.

For those who have a small or petite body, it is important to choose a round bouquet, as the shape and size of it will offer a balanced appearance.

Learning how to choose the best bridal wedding flowers should be a fun and exciting part of wedding planning, therefore make sure to experiment and get professional advice before making your final decision.

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