How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake Toppers

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A wedding cake topper is the perfect finish for all types of wedding cakes. Keeping in mind that you are most likely considering purchasing it based on the colors, size and shape. However there are some other important factors to take into consideration. Porcelain, lead free paint, attention to detail, shipping charges, and returns policy should be high priority when choosing your perfect cake centerpiece.

Every bride wants everything to be perfect, however sometimes it is believed that wedding cake toppers are too traditional. However they are still classy and should be on every wedding cake, therefore here are a few ideas to give the wedding cake topper a modern appearance:

1. Consider purchasing a topper that reflects you as a couple.
In other words, try to find figurines that represent you, for example, the topper could have a particular hobby or interest incorporated into the topper. In addition, you do not have to have the bride and groom in the classic position on top of your cake, take some time and search the internet for something unusual or unique but yet something that you are both happy with. Some couples have the bride and groom kissing, or the bride in the groom’s arms. Be creative, and find one that suits you and your wedding cake.

2. Adding humor to your cake can make it more original and more fun, making people remember it for ages.
The hesitant groom is popular, as is the couple fighting or arguing. Another humorous idea is to have bubblehead toppers, as it offers a cartoon like image and humour. If you decided to have a funny cake topper, make sure it really reflects your personalities otherwise some people may be offended, or may not understand the humour.

3. Monogram toppers are a very fashionable idea to use with your wedding cake.
The benefit of these types of toppers is that they can be personalized in more ways than figurine toppers. In addition, figurines are more popular for traditional weddings, whereas monogram styles are well suited for modern weddings.

Here are a few photo examples of cake toppers that may get you thinking about what you may like to have on top of your wedding cake:

Although finding wedding cake toppers can be difficult to find, unique and modern toppers are even more difficult, but are worth the search. Consider searching online, as they can be ordered in advance, and you will find the best selection on the internet. If this is not possible, you may also want to consider asking professional cake designers or party supply stores. If neither solution presents itself as viable, ask those who have been married amongst your family or group of friends, and find out where they purchased theirs.

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