Planning a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party?

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Hen-Party-MoonFor most happy couples, the last night of ‘freedom’ before the wedding ceremony is often marked by a big party. Bachelor parties have been a standard of Western culture for many years, and more and more brides are joining in with their own version, known as the bachelorette or ‘hens’ party. These can be wild and unconventional celebrations, but it is important to remember that the bride and groom need to be fit enough to attend the wedding ceremony the next day. For these reasons, more and more couples are choosing to arrange their own bachelor or bachelorette party and having it well before the wedding day.

In most cases, the planning will take place among the bridal party or the groom’s party (the bridesmaids and the groomsmen in particular).  In the past, the bachelor party would involve heavy drinking, going to strip clubs, and maybe practical jokes. The groom might not even know where he was going until the party turned up at a particular bar or nightclub. These parties are rather old-fashioned now, and there are alternatives to the traditional pub-crawl.

Modern couples often plan their parties together, and  the principle that the bride or groom would not have to pay for their drinks or club admissions no longer really holds true. While groomsmen and bridesmaids might chip in to ensure that their target has a good time, the couple might decide where they want to go, and it seems only reasonable that they pay some of the cost.

There are some tips to planning a bachelor or bachelorette party. Firstly, there should be a planned route for the night, with the planners keeping an eye on the cost and making sure that there are no problems with getting to and from venues. Secondly, the planners need to be aware of what the happy couple want. Some brides might not want their future husband to go to a strip-club, for example, or the groom might not want his future wife to have a hired stripper for the night. Other couples might not want certain pubs to be included. If the parties are going to happen on the same night, then the planners also need to work together to ensure that the groups don’t accidentally meet while travelling between venues.

It is a traditional at these parties that anyone who is invited has to bring something risqué, or perhaps something with sexual connotations. There are party companies who specialise in providing accessories which will match the theme of the wedding night  – so edible panties, blindfolds and handcuffs for example – but planners can also arrange to buy these items from a local joke shop or party shop.

It is also a good idea to plan the party around one particular pub, bar or nightclub. A more private setting, such as a home or hired room, might be appropriate for meeting-up and handing out presents, while the main part of the night can be held in a single location.

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