The Top Wedding Bouquet Flowers For 2012

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Although wedding guests tend to overlook wedding trends, most brides’ research and stick to the wedding trends as it pertains to colors, dresses and flowers.  Wedding florists are often being asked about the current wedding flower trends in both color and design, as just like any aesthetic product, wedding flower trends are constantly evolving. There are dozens of different color schemes and designs predicted for weddings in 2012 that can be designed and catered to a bride’s particular tastes.

For those who are interested, here are some of the top wedding bouquet flowers for 2012.

The Playful Bouquet

If you are looking to convey originality and spunk, consider using a design with a playful and bright colour scheme. Colours such as hot pink, navy blue, and magenta, not only offer a modern appeal, they also help create a fun and playful ambiance, which breaks free from tradition.  In addition, you may consider choosing a brilliant color, such as yellow for example, with accent colours such as black or silver, in order to make the primary colour stand out. By mixing different hues a vibrant bouquet can be created which will complement the fun, playful bride. Wedding florists who are following this trend for 2012 offer different accents for boutonnieres and bouquets, such as colorful beads and ribbon, in order to personalize the look and feel to the bride’s personality.

The Soft, Romantic Bouquet

The soft, romantic bouquet is made up of soft coloured garden flowers, such as pastel roses and other dainty flowers. This bouquet is intended to offer a delicate fantasy look, and contribute to a soft ambiance. In addition, wedding florists enhance the ambiance of the ceremony and reception with a faint glow of arrangement lighting.

The Green Bouquet

The green bouquet is achieved through organic form and colors that offer an airy, free-flowing look. Complimentary and contrasting foliage and branching is used, giving the overall look a simple, elegant appearance. Having a simple, green or organic bouquet will take the focus of the flowers and allow the bride to take more of the attention as she walks down the aisle.

The Passion Bouquet

For many years, the colour red has illustrated love, passion and romance, especially as it pertains to marriage and weddings. The red and white bouquet is not only a trend for 2012, it is also a timeless design that can be both traditional or contemporary. The popular method of using the red and white flowers is to use black accents for a trendy, modern yet sophisticated appearance.

There are a plethora of different types of bouquets for trendy wedding flowers, and the perfect bouquet should complement the bride’s personality, and cater to her style.

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Photo Gallery Of The Perfect Wedding Bouquet Flowers