Will You Have Long-Distance Guests?

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BrisbaneMost couples choose to get married in their home town. This makes the most sense economically, and they might also be restricted by the choice of venue, or legal requirements. However, this choice may mean that some guests have to travel long-distances in order to attend the ceremony. Parents might have to travel from one end of the country to the other, and even close friends might still have to travel. This can be very difficult, with the average cost of attending a wedding running into thousands of dollars for the guests. While the happy couple might want everyone to be at the wedding, practically, they might have to make some adjustments before deciding whether to invite guests from some distance away.

Before you take any steps to accommodate the long-distance guests, it makes sense to check whether they intend to come. Online sources are great for this, particularly Skype and similar internet tools which will allow you to talk to your potential guests in real time. As noted, guests have to spend a lot of money in order to travel to the big day, so this might be a consideration when it comes to attending your wedding. Speak frankly about the costs involved, and perhaps offer to contribute to some of these costs, such as boarding for pets,  or taxi fares from the airport.

If some of your guests do agree to travel long distance, then you can help to ensure that they come by sorting out matters in your home town. The most important issue will be accommodation. Choosing a venue which is close to hotels, or arranging accommodation with local family members will ensure that your guests can have a drink and enjoy themselves without having to drive a long distance back to a remote hotel afterwards. Having them stay in the couple’s home is not a practical solution, but nearby friends and relatives can be the perfect answer to where your long-distance guests will stay.

Practical solutions to having long distance guests can also include having the wedding ceremony during the week, rather than at the weekend, when staying in hotel rooms might be more expensive. There is the downside that guests might have to take more days off work, however, so it is always best to consult with them before booking the big day, in order to make sure that they are not too inconvenienced.

When the big day is in motion, driving to and from the venues can also be an issue for people who are not familiar with the town. If your guests are coming from some distance away, you need to give them advance notice about where the ceremony will be held, and the location of the reception venue afterwards. What is important is that guests are able to travel around without being lost. Provide information for SatNavs, so family can find their way easily to the venue, but also remember to include details such as maps and directions, in order to make sure that they can use these to make sure they are heading to the venue.

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