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Wedding Suits for the Groom & Groomsmen

The bride will be, without a doubt, looking good and the groom should make every effort to look just as good as she will. So, how do you choose the right outfit for the groom and his groomsmen? The time of day of your wedding, the style, location and even the climate you’re in will determine what you wear.

Time of Day

A ‘day wedding’ is generally considered to be any time before 6.00pm. Morning suits or long dark jackets with wide tails are appropriate. A more formal evening wedding calls for the tuxedo or dinner suit.  

Wedding Day Style

A beachside or garden wedding where the style is more relaxed allows the groom and groomsmen to choose a more casual outfit such as a white lapelled shirt and open collar matched with dark or tan dress pants.

‘White tie’ is best suited for more formal weddings and is considered the ultimate in style and glamour. It includes a black tail coat, matching pants, white shirt, white waist coast and bow tie. 

Grooms Height and Body Shape

Short, Slim:Choose a two or three-buttoned suit jacket matched with tuxedo pants or pleated dress pants. Lower positioned buttons on the jacket will add height.

Short, Broad:Opt for a one or two-buttoned jacket with matching vest to create a slimmer waistline.

Tall, Muscular:The key is to avoid adding bulk. Go for tailored jackets and pants to create clean lines and definitely avoid double-breasted jackets and pleated shirts.

Tall, Slim:These guys can wear pretty much anything. Try on several styles of suit to see what works best, from tailored suits to double-breasted tuxedos.

Making it Fit

A few things to remember when trying on grooms suits….

  • The hem of your suit jacket should be no longer then your middle finger when your arms are by your sides. Try the suit on, stand straight, relax your arms and check the length. 
  • Check that your shirt sleeves sits comfortably at the top of your hand.
  • Well-tailored suit pants should sit just on the tops of your shoes but should not get caught under your heel.
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