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Wedding Bomboniere Gifts

To bomboniere or not to bomboniere? You’re under no obligation to give gifts to your wedding guests; however, it is a nice gesture to thank them for coming to share your special day.

Bomboniere (Italian) is also known as wedding ‘favours’ or special gifts given to your guests as a keepsake in thanks of their attendance. Traditionally bomboniere is made up of five sugared almonds representing health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility, wrapped in tulle. If you’re after something a bit different however, read on.

We’ve listed a few ideas for you to consider when choosing your wedding bomboniere:

  • Photo frame with a picture and special message (poem, quote or short story) from the bride and groom.
  • Chocolate gifts with personalised wrappers.
  • Small cakes, individually wrapped with a note from the couple.
  • White noodle boxes, filled with chocolates or lollies and your names and wedding date printed on the outside using stickers or a gold pen.
  • Miniature wine or port bottles with personalised labelling from a local winery.
  • A simple key ring personalised with your names and wedding date.
  • Miniature flowering plants for your guests to take home. They can double up as decorations for your wedding guests’ tables.
  • A simple box, tied with a textured or patterned ribbon or diamante buckle, filled with goodies of your choice.
  • Support a local charity? Make a donation and leave a card or note for your guests.
  • Bomboniere tags; if you have the facilities print your tags yourself including your names and the wedding date.

Remember, this is one detail for your wedding day that you can keep simple and have fun with. Research online for many more wedding bomboniere ideas and take advantage of the discount rates available for bulk ordering.

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