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Wedding Cakes

Looks incredible, tastes delicious! The traditional wedding cake still makes an appearance every now and then. Today however, pretty much anything goes! Whatever your mind can conceive of can probably be made by your local wedding cake shop.

Some practicalities to consider in choosing your cake:

Wedding Cake Size & Shape

How many wedding guests are you expecting? Will there be people unable to attend that you would like to save some cake for? Come up with an accurate number to determine the size of your wedding cake. Round or square cakes are more likely to serve a larger number of guests and will be easy for your caterers to cut up. If you’re going for a more creative shape, make sure they’ll be enough wedding cake for everybody.


Wedding Cake Design

Wedding magazines and online wedding directories provide ample ideas for your cake design. Visit a few local wedding cake shops and bakers to see their style and examples of previous work. Also ask your married friends to recommend a wedding cake shop they have used and liked.

If your wedding is themed, your cake can be designed to match with complimentary colours or flowers similar to your bouquet. Wedding cake designers can even match the lace on your wedding gown.

When visiting your local wedding cake shop, take in a couple of your ideas to get a rough quote for your wedding cake. Remember, the more detailed and intricate your wedding cake design the more expensive it will be.


Wedding Cake Flavour

It looks fantastic… but does it taste good? How many weddings have you been to, and the wedding cake was less then appetizing. What a waste. Today the choice of flavours and combination of flavours is endless. If your fiancé likes chocolate and you like vanilla, you can have both! Or what about a delicious mousse filling! Talk to your baker about what they can do for you.

Ordering In Time

Ideally, book your wedding cake at least three to four months before your wedding. That way you won’t be running around at the last minute looking for a wedding cake shop to fit you in. If they’re a catering business as well, they will already be busy, so allow yourself plenty of time.

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