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It’s really all about the dress. We know it… everyone knows it… so why pretend? It’s your chance to look absolutely stunning and knock the socks off your husband-to-be!

Searching for the bridal dress of your dreams can be a little overwhelming, that’s where Wedding House can help you with our Australian wedding dress directory. With so many possibilities, you will need to get some honest feedback from family and friends about what really suits you. You may love a really full princess-style gown but if you are of short stature, you might end up looking like a giant pavlova! Seriously, listen to your mother or a close friend and be willing to try on different styles. You can also talk to your bridal dress designer who will be able to offer you some good advice.

So, when do you start looking? As soon as possible, ideally six to eight months out from your wedding day check out our online wedding dress directory for suppliers all across Australia. It can take up to four months for a custom wedding dress to be ready and you need to allow time for alterations, especially if you have lost weight since ordering the dress. Talk to our bridal dress designer.

Like many brides, you will have been scouring bridal magazines and the Internet for bridal dress suppliers in Australia to narrow down the style of wedding dress that you prefer. Also consider comfort. Throughout your wedding day you will need to sit, stand, walk, dance and who knows what else so make sure you can move around easily in your wedding dress. Avoid a tight wedding dress does not allow room for breathing or eating! Very bad.

Let’s be real - most of us do not have a supermodel figure and that’s totally fine. The key to selecting the right bridal dress is to enhance your assets and play down your flaws. Here’s some advice for brides of all shapes and sizes…

  • Short & Sweet: Vertical lines and high waistlines work well for shorter brides.
  • Petite: Strapless or a halter neck will look great and a flowing A-line skirt will add height to your frame.
  • Buxom & Beautiful: For the fuller figured brides amongst us go for simple, elegant, deep necklines, empire waists and a softly falling skirt to create a slimming effect.
  • Pear Shape: Avoid a lot of detail around the waist and create a slimmer look with a lower neckline, decorated bodice and full length skirt.
  • Tall & Slim: Wanting more curves? Avoid vertical lines and styles and choose more flowing fabrics and fuller skirts.

For affordable wedding dresses, check out our wedding dress directory Australia.

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