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Music, DJs & Entertainment Services | Wedding Music Music, DJs & Entertainment Services | Wedding Music

Wedding Music & Entertainment

From jazz bands to string quartets to your local mobile DJ, the choice of music for your wedding ceremony and reception is endless.

Music actually plays a big part in setting the tone and mood of your wedding day so it’s important to choose well.

Hiring a Wedding DJ

Research the DJ’s in your local area and interview them by phone or in person. Check out their play list and make sure the majority of music they have is to your liking. Ask about their equipment and size of their speakers and whether they will need to use any tables at the venue.

Request their song list so you can go through and select the songs you want. Think about each stage of the wedding day, what feel you want to create and choose your songs accordingly.  Remember, not everyone loves the music you do… so make sure you choose a wide variety of songs from every genre and era, from Country to Classical, Motown to Disco and Rock.  

Hiring Live Wedding Bands

Looking for something a little different? Funky live jazz band or an elegant string quartet? Many local bands will have examples of their music available on CD or as mp3’s on their website. Ask for referrals from other couples that have used the band at their wedding and if they have a gig coming up, go and see them perform live to get a better idea of their sound or they may have a video on their website.  Also make sure you find out what they’ll be wearing on the day and that it will compliment your overall wedding style.


Set up your wedding band or DJ next to the dance floor or as close to it as you can. Speak with your reception venue to check the layout of the room and make sure the tables are not facing the speakers. You don’t want to deafen your guests! It also makes it difficult for them to speak and hear one another. One other important point; look after your guests with medical devices such as pacemakers and hearing aids and ensure they are seated well away from the band or speakers to avoid any medical emergencies.


Bright lights can really kill the atmosphere and keep people glued to their seats. Set the mood on the dance floor to encourage your guests to get up boogie. Talk to your reception venue about lighting options, or your DJ may bring lighting with them.

Get ‘em dancing:

Even after a few wines, people still need that extra boost of encouragement to get up and dance. A great way to kick start things is to try the ‘snowball dance’. The married couple starts off dancing and then split off and grab a new dance partner each. Each time the music stops, couples splits off and find a new dance partner until everybody is up on the dance floor. Works every time!

Special Requests:

If you have a special song or several that you want played at specific times during the ceremony or reception let the band or DJ know in advance.

Noise Restrictions:

Before you book a live wedding band ask about any noise restrictions at the reception venue. If you’re near a residential area there may be a curfew for playing loud music… right when you’re just getting started!

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