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Bridal Jewellery & Wedding Rings Bridal Jewellery & Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings & Bridal Jewellery

Don’t rush, choose well and wear it proudly forever! He’s proposed. You’ve said yes. It’s time to choose your wedding ring.

Wedding Engagement Ring

Traditionally the circular wedding band represents the unending love between you and your partner. You’ll be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your days together… so take some time to choose carefully.

A great place to start looking for ideas is bridal magazines and jewellers catalogues. Online jewellery stores will also have pictures of wedding bands for you to browse through. You may find the perfect ring ready to purchase, or come up with various features that you would like to combine for your own custom-made wedding ring.

Another tip for deciding on which wedding ring is right for you is to try some on! Head in to your local jewellery shop and choose a couple of different styles and widths to see what looks good on your hand. It should also compliment your engagement ring, so make sure you’re wearing it so you can see them side by side.

When looking for a local jewellery maker, ask your friends and family for a jeweller they would recommend, who will understand your personal style and work within your budget. Don’t just look at the price – find out if they offer after sales service, such as cleaning and repairs and a complimentary valuation certificate for insurance.

Alternatively, you may like to hunt through your family’s treasures for a vintage wedding ring worn by your great grandmother or other relative. Ask your family about any jewellery heirlooms they might know of. You may just find the perfect wedding ring hidden somewhere in a long-forgotten jewellery box. This also frees up more money to spend on your fiancés ring.

A couple of other tips for choosing your wedding ring…

Allow plenty of time

Allow at least 2 months to narrow down your search for the perfect wedding band, place your order and make any customised changes. For custom made rings, check with your jeweller as to how long it will take. This could vary depending on how complex your design is, how easy it is to source the materials and how busy they are. 

Set a Budget

As a general rule, the wedding rings should make up about 3% of your overall wedding budget. Prices can range anywhere from $150 to $3000+ for a platinum ring with diamonds. When planning your wedding budget, allocate exactly how much you’re prepared to spend on the wedding rings and stick to it. Shop around until you find a local jeweller that can create what you desire for the money you have allocated. 

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