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Wedding Venues

Country style property or vineyard? Beach side resort or heritage style church?

The choice of wedding venue for your ceremony and reception will depend on the style of wedding you have chosen and the atmosphere you want to create for your special day.

Some practical pointers…

Determine Numbers:

How many people have you invited to your wedding? Allow for those who won’t be able to come and plan accordingly. If you set an early RSVP date that will help you plan ahead more accurately and choose the right sized venue.

Together or Separate?

Do you want to have you wedding ceremony and reception in the same place? It’s a great idea and saves travel time for you and your guests. If you do opt for different venues, make sure they are nearby each other and there’s plenty of room for extra guests at both venues.

Research the Area:

Keep your options open and look at resorts, gardens, vineyards, churches and community centres as possible venues for your wedding. Sometimes photos in magazines or on websites do not do justice to particular venue so go ahead and visit to see what it’s really like.

Take a Walk Through:

Walk around the venue and picture your wedding happening there. Take a camera and notebook with you to jot down any questions to ask the staff. What is the décor like? Does it fit in with your wedding style and colours? Will it need a lot of work to look good?

Look at your Budget:

Having visited several wedding venues, make a list and compare the pros and cons of each. Knowing the style of wedding you are after and looking at your budget, which one works the best? Other questions to consider when making your decision… if it’s an outdoor venue, do they have a backup plan for bad weather? Are there nearby locations ideal for wedding photographs and is there adequate parking for all your guests?

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